Your Luxury Master Bath Can Be a Reality

Let’s face it – living in a home with more than two people and only one bathroom can cause quite a few headaches, especially in the morning. If you and your family are sharing one bath, or if you do have a master bath, but it only has one sink and a shower that takes up most of the room, it might be time to think about home remodeling. At Blain Homes in Tulare, we can make your luxury master bath a reality, complete with all the conveniences and comforts that you’ve seen in your favorite home and garden magazine.

Remodeling your bathroom takes precise planning, especially due to the plumbing and fixtures involved. If you want to be more conscious about your water consumption, we can install a modern toilet that cuts down on water used per flush and takes up less space in the bathroom. If you would absolutely love a double vanity, so that you and your spouse could each have your own sink, we’ll discuss those options with you. Depending on the existing footprint of the room, and the ability to expand outwards or into other parts of the home, we’ll design a practical plan for your bathroom remodel.

Dealing with the challenge of only one bathroom or a small master bath doesn’t have to be a long-term reality for you and your family. Call Blain Homes in Tulare today and we’ll get started on your home remodeling project. We look forward to designing and building the bathroom you’ve always wanted!

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