Remodeling Your Home? Here’s Why a Bathroom Reno Might Be Your Best Bet

home remodelingHome remodeling can provide a chance to add value to your home — that is, if you go about it in the right way. Simply put, some home remodeling projects provide a bigger payoff than others; while certain small renovation projects can pack a punch, others may not give you a good return on your investment. Some of the most successful home remodels involve key parts of a house: namely, the kitchen or bathroom. A bathroom remodel, when done well, can add both aesthetic and economic value to your home and make the time you spend in your home much more enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at why your list of potential projects should include a bathroom renovation.

  • You’ll improve your home’s look and function
    Whether you take on a whole renovation or perform some simple updates, a bathroom project can instantly make your home look and function better. More than other rooms in your home, your bathroom will likely show its age, especially if it was first designed with fleeting trends in mind. And if you’re selling your home, an outdated bathroom can scare off potential buyers in an instant. Even if you’re looking to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, a newly updated bathroom can change how you feel about the space; you can add storage space or expand the square footage to accommodate for more breathing room. Overall, you can upgrade your home’s entire look and feel just by changing up the bathroom.
  • You’ll get a good ROI
    In most cases, a bathroom renovation is considered to be a sound investment. This is especially true if you’re planning on selling your home. Research has shown that 49% of buyers looking at houses for sale are willing to pay more for an en suite master bath, and if that bathroom comes with all the bells and whistles, you’re likely to be able to sell your home for a higher price. Along with kitchen updates and landscaping, a bathroom renovation is one of the best home remodeling decisions you can make, financially speaking.
  • You’ll relieve daily stress
    Creating a spa-like bathroom is a common desire for homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. When you can feel relaxed, rather than overwhelmed, during your morning routine, your day is sure to be off to a nicer start. Instead of feeling cramped and rushed in a tight bathroom space, a renovation can allow you to expand a bit and put in fixtures and details that bring you peace and happiness. You’ll be amazed at how your environment can shape your mood. You may even want to escape to the bathroom for some quiet relaxation.
  • You’ll make your home more energy efficient
    Your current bathroom set up may actually be costing you money. If you don’t have energy efficient fixtures (like toilets or lights), you could be wasting resources without even knowing it. When you waste water and energy, you’ll be less eco-friendly and will likely have much higher bills than necessary! But if you put in high-efficiency faucets, shower heads, toilets, and lighting, you can save money and the planet.

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