3 Simple Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Winter

new homesFor many of us, the cold winter weather means we’ll be spending a lot of our time indoors over the next few months. And when you’re stuck inside, you may start noticing some areas of your home that could use a little TLC. Even though you may not want to tackle a big renovation during this time of year, there are plenty of smaller scale home remodeling projects that are perfect for the winter.

Here are just three of our favorite upgrades to tackle in the winter:

  • Put on a fresh coat of paint
    Whether you’re in an older home or a new build, your house may start looking a bit dull in winter. A lot of new construction homes have neutral colors to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. While this may be less polarizing, it may not suit your style. If you notice that your mood dampens when you enter a certain room, a new paint color may be just the thing to revitalize your love for your home. A bright, cheery color can make you feel happy even when it’s miserable outside.
  • Rethink your flooring
    While new homes often have hardwood floors or fresh carpeting, your older model may be showing signs of wear and tear. Hardwood floors are quite popular, but without rugs, they can easily get scuffed. Carpeting may be a great option that’ll instantly warm up a space, and if your cheaptopamaxbuy.com current carpeting looks a bit tattered or stained, getting a replacement can work wonders. But if you love your hardwoods, you can get them refinished to bring back their beauty tenfold.
  • Remodel the bathroom
    When a buyer looks at a home for sale, he or she will often put a lot of emphasis on how well the master bathroom functions and appeals to his or her personal tastes. The master bath may also be the very thing that’s keeping you from selling or even enjoying your home. In fact, 60% of people surveyed say that they plan to remodel their master bathroom at some point. If you’re looking for your winter remodeling project to pack a punch, the bathroom is one of the best areas in your home to focus on. A home improvement contractor can help you to identify whether you should do a complete overhaul or whether you should focus on just a few upgrades. By gutting the whole thing, many homeowners feel as if they got entirely new homes in the process. However, a couple of small changes can make a significant impact, too.

Whether you’re looking at new homes in Visalia, CA, or want more information on patio remodeling and other renovation ideas, we can help! Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your home this winter.